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Contract Pending: A tale of crime, romance and family (Frankie Fiore Book 1) Kindle Edition

Take a walk on the Darkside of life. Feel it! Smell it! Taste it! A tale of the evolution of Frankie Fiore, from a young man working in his father’s shoe store, to a hoodlum working the streets of New York. Recruited by the local mob boss to do collections, Frankie successfully climbs the crime ladder until the day his partner steals the boss’ money. Frankie and his partner then become the subjects of a contract put out on their lives.

Trupenny: A tale of Western redemption and Biracial Romance on the Plains Kindle Edition

The city council fired him! They said Trupenny was washed up! “Too old— too soft — too slow to continue as sheriff.” Or so they thought!

In this wild west tale of treachery, prejudice, and redemption, Russ Trupenny fights back against his detractors by proving his worth. He confronts marauding, killer Indians, neutralizes a local gang and it’s leader and exposes a klan leader and the members guilty of prejudicial race murders. In his spare time, he referees a biracial love affair between his young friend Orville and Lucy Ann, daughter of his good friend Cecelia Carter.

By Hook Or By Crook: A tale of wiseguy vengeance, romance and family (Frankie Fiore Crime Thrillers Book 2) Kindle Edition

Resuming his life after prison, Frankie Fiore is unaware of the good and evil forces working diametrically behind the scenes. The good, seeking to enrich him. The evil, plotting to kill him. He doesn’t know it yet, but shortly he will either be rich or he will be dead — or both.
After Contract Pending the novel, the story continues…

Bajan the Little Yellow Bird in the Tourist Trap: A Happy Kiddie's Bedtime Story Kindle Edition

Bajan is a happy little bird who finds himself in big trouble when he disobeys his mother and finds himself on the unexpected adventure of his life. This charming story emphasizes several important lessons to children from three to six years of age. It is a wonderful bedtime story that can be told over and over again by parents and grandparents.

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